Pingwe Beach

Location: Central east coast – 63 km from Stone Town
Access: Approximately 90 minutes by taxi or bus
Great for: Tranquil retreats and culinary experiences
Popular budget hotels: Shanuo Beach Bungalows, Bitcoin Beach Hotel
Best luxury hotels: Hotel Matlai, Hekaya Zanzibar, Karafuu Beach Resort

Tucked away on Zanzibar’s south-eastern coastline, Pingwe Beach is a hidden gem that captures the essence of a tranquil island escape. Its shimmering golden sands and gentle waves whisper tales of timeless beauty. Unlike its more frequented counterparts, Pingwe offers an intimate experience with nature, blending seclusion with the rhythmic ebb and flow of island life.

Location & Accessibility

Lying approximately 54 kilometers from the cultural heartbeat of Zanzibar, Stone Town, Pingwe Beach is both a destination and a journey. An hour’s drive showcases Zanzibar’s diverse landscapes, but for those looking to dive deep into local culture, the “dala-dala” minibus provides a lively alternative.

Natural Beauty

Pingwe’s landscape is a dreamlike vision: golden sands stretching out to meet azure waters, framed by swaying palm trees. The allure doesn’t end at the shore; nearby coral reefs teem with marine life, offering kaleidoscopic underwater vistas for those willing to explore.

Water Sports & Activities

While Pingwe’s serene environment is perfect for those seeking relaxation, thrill-seekers are not left wanting. The gentle waves and clear waters invite activities like snorkeling, revealing a treasure trove of marine biodiversity. Traditional dhow boat trips, often accompanied by local fishermen, add a touch of authenticity to the sea adventures available.


In Pingwe, lodging experiences vary from the opulent to the authentically rustic. While some resorts boast luxurious amenities with beachfront views, there are also charming guesthouses that provide a more intimate connection to the local surroundings. Each place, irrespective of its grandeur, promises a view that’s worth a thousand words.

Restaurants and Nightlife

Pingwe’s dining scene is a delightful blend of the traditional and the contemporary. Local eateries offer dishes that are a testament to Zanzibar’s rich culinary heritage, with fresh seafood taking center stage. As evening descends, the beach comes alive with the soft glow of lanterns, the strumming of local tunes, and the promise of a tranquil night under the stars. A special mention must go to the famous ‘floating’ restaurant, The Rock. Accessible by foot at low tide but only by boat during high tide, dining above the waves is a highlight for visitors.

The Rock Restaurant - Pingwe
The Rock Restaurant – Pingwe

Cultural Experience

Pingwe, though quieter, is a tapestry of cultural experiences waiting to be unraveled. From engaging with the local fishing community to enjoying the occasional traditional dance performance, there’s an undercurrent of rich Zanzibari heritage that flows through this beach haven.