Elias Jewellers

Established in 1963 by Tanzanian goldsmith Farook Elias, ELIAS has become a beacon of luxury in East Africa, championing the art of jewelry making. With roots stretching back to the 1800s, this family-run business excels in creating master-crafted pieces that highlight the unique allure of Tanzanite, a gem exclusive to Tanzania and celebrated for its rarity and vibrant color.

ELIAS combines traditional craftsmanship with modern design, ensuring each piece reflects both heritage and innovation. This dedication to quality and tradition has positioned ELIAS as a distinguished name in the luxury jewelry market, promoting Tanzanian gems on a global stage.

Their collections are available across prestigious locations in Zanzibar, including their main location in Stone Town, at Zuri Zanzibar at Kwendwa and at Melia Zanzibar at Kiwengwa. Learn more about the Elias story at eliasjewellery.com.

Stone Town

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