Mr Kahawa

Nestled in the heart of Paje Beach, Mr. Kahawa Café & Restaurant beckons with a promise of soulful culinary adventures amidst an idyllic setting. Here, under the shade of a huge tropical almond tree, one can enjoy views of the Indian Ocean while sipping on their award-winning coffee, a perfect companion to the calming rhythm of the waves.

Kahawa means coffee in Swahili and Mr. Kahawa started off as a small coffeeshop in 2015. It now offers not only coffee but food and drinks throughout the day. The ethos of Mr. Kahawa lies in its fusion food, a colorful palette crafted with love from locally sourced, organic ingredients. Beyond its inviting ambiance, Mr. Kahawa extends its warm hospitality across the island with pop-up stalls, carrying the essence of its home-kitchen to various other beaches, so keep an eye out wherever you may be.

Top tip: The Mr. Kahawa breakfasts may be the best in Zanzibar, so if you are in the area drop around early! Visit their website here.


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