Geo Restaurant and Pizzeria

Found inside the Geo Zanzibar Resort, the Geo Restaurant and Pizzeria is a true haven for Italian cuisine enthusiasts. The restaurant prides itself on its Neapolitan pizza and an array of Italian delicacies, crafted from fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. It also tantalizes taste buds with Swahili and international dishes although if you ask us, the pizza is always the best dish of the day! The restaurant’s ethos of simplicity and authenticity extends to its ambiance, ensuring a homely and relaxed dining experience. Besides its restaurant, Geo offers a corner bar for those keen on sipping a cocktail while soaking up the beachside vibes of Jambiani​.

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Between Paje & Jambiani Beaches

Enjoy Zanzibar with Zuri

The Zuri Zanzibar is perfect for anyone that is wanting a truly unique experience as this beautiful resort offers everything that you could need for a dream vacation. If you are looking for something that is off the beaten African tracks, a place that allows you to feel absolute peace and tranquility, then the Zuri Zanzibar is just right for you.