B4 Beach Club

B4 Beach Club, located on the scenic Paje Beach in Zanzibar, offers a variety of activities and experiences in a vibrant and playful atmosphere.

It is a place where one can enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner served on the beach and in view of the various water sport activities taking place off-shore. The club is well-known for serving delicious burgers which have garnered significant acclaim. Regular events, including live dj sets and music add to the lively and dynamic environment of the club.

In addition to the beach club, B4 offers a range of kitesurfing lessons and rentals allowing guests to engage in exhilarating water sport activities and experience the joy of windsurfing in the serene Paje beach setting.

B4 also features a collection of bungalows and rooms, each named after a genre of (mainly electronic) music. The club is renowned for its focus on electronic music, reflecting its love for modern beats and offering popular sets on Soundcloud for guests to relive the beach tunes at home.

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