Forster Gallery

Forster Gallery in Zanzibar stands as a vibrant hub, showcasing the talent of distinguished artists from across Africa. Founded by Markus Forster and Marina Majiba who have been immersed in Tanzanian life for the past 15 years, the journey began in 2008 with the opening of the Art Hotel Zanzibar—a unique space dedicated to immersing visitors in African art and culture.

The success of this visionary concept led to the evolution of Forster Gallery Zanzibar, featuring its distinctive OpenSpace. The gallery offers a fully equipped workspace for local artists, fostering a dynamic environment where creativity thrives. As a guest, you are invited to witness the artistic process unfold before your eyes—observe skilled artists at work and engage in meaningful dialogues with them.

The gallery’s commitment extends beyond Zanzibar, collaborating closely with artists and galleries across the entire African continent. Whether you’re seeking a glimpse into the artistic process, a dialogue with creative minds, or an appreciation of diverse African art forms, Forster Gallery welcomes you to an enriching and immersive experience.

Private views by appointment


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