A project to celebrate, share and discover Wild Zanzibar
A project to celebrate, share and discover Wild Zanzibar

Zanzibar Wildlife is dedicated to celebrating and discovering the rich wildlife of Zanzibar and to ecological and cultural sustainability. The organization emphasizes the importance of Zanzibar’s unique wildlife, habitats, and hotspots, which face threats from rapid urbanization and tourism.

Their key activities include:

Wildlife and Landscape Preservation: With a focus on protecting the unique wildlife habitats and species in Zanzibar, advocating for awareness and conservation amidst urban development and tourism.

Cultural Heritage Conservation: Emphasizing the preservation Zanzibar’s rich cultural heritage, highlighting the importance of maintaining a balance between development and the preservation of natural and cultural landscapes.

Sustainable Food Practices: Advocating for organic farming and traditional agricultural methods, they emphasize the role of sustainable food choices in environmental conservation.

Sustainable Tourism: Promoting the Sustainable Tourism Declaration, encouraging tourists and businesses to engage in practices that preserve Zanzibar’s natural resources and cultural integrity.

For more detailed information, please visit their website: Zanzibar Wildlife.