Abdalla Abeid Spice Farm


Abdalla Abeid Spice Farm

Did you know that Zanzibar has been a spice paradise since the 16th century, when the Portuguese introduced spices and herbs to the island? You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to experience a tour of one of the most impressive spice gardens on the island.

Located only a few kilometres outside the capital of Stone Town, Abdalla Abeid Spice Farm was established as a local family business in 1968. Ever since, it has been expanding and today the farm covers nearly 7 hectares of botanical gardens, where a huge range of different spices and fruits are grown.

All visitors are welcome to experience the high-quality spice collection and discover the secrets of Zanzibar in a total of 7 different languages.  At the end of the tour, which includes various tastings, you will be greeted by the family and will enjoy various dishes of home-made and traditional Zanzibari recipes.  Needless to say, all seasonal spices come directly from the garden.

Contact:            +255 777 417 908

Location:          –6.0854604, 39.2624770

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